Perfect cleanliness

is our motto as an international systems partner in the metal processing industry.

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3 principles of our success

  1. A good business deal always has two partners.
  2. Quality is when the customer returns, not the product.
  3. We are a team – and together we are strong.

Company history

  • 1972
    • Company establishment in Pforzheim-Büchenbronn by Jürgen Höckh
    • Development and manufacturing of metal cleaning plants, focus: aerosol cans industry
  • 1985/86
    • Relocation to Neuenbürg
    • Development of the MULTICLEAN prototype
  • 1987
    • Patent application for vacuum drying
  • 1988
    • Start of the pilot test center
  • 1990
    • Development of the Vacuum Shock: fast, energy-saving drying of components
  • 1991/92
    • Development of the modular MULTICLEAN-S series for aqueous cleaning
    • SURFTRAN/Robert Bosch Corporation is licensed to manufacture MULTICLEAN systems for North America
  • 1994
    • Market launch: High-performance cleaning system for aerosol cans in aqueous agents
  • 1995-97
    • Development of the MULTICLEAN-F series: first solvent plant operating under full vacuum conditions
  • 2000
    • goes online
  • 2002
    • Development of the compact MULTICLEAN-LC series
  • 2005/06
    • New assembly hall for the manufacture of large systems
    • The largest full-vacuum cleaning system in the world: 65,000 l capacity
    • China: establishment of a sales and service cooperation
  • 2008
    • Dipl.-Ing. Michael Höckh becomes Managing Director
  • 2010
    • Development of the MULTICLEAN-P series for aqueous precision cleaning
  • 2013
    • Company founder, Jürgen Höckh, retires
    • Dipl.-Kfm. Joachim Höckh joins Michael Höckh as Managing Director
  • 2016
    • Relaunch

About Höckh

Höckh Metall-Reinigungsanlagen GmbH is an owner-managed, medium-sized family business in its second generation. Our expertise and top quality system technology are cherished by users from all over the world. Höckh MULTICLEAN cleaning systems are currently integrated in the process chain of many industrial productions around the world.

Here, tailored parts cleaning systems can hardly be standardized. We are therefore tasked with developing and manufacturing a fitting solution depending on your requirements. Simply contact our specialists and we will gladly find the excellent solution for your application.

What defines us

Development process

Höckh MULTICLEAN systems are designed on modern 3D CAD workstations. This enables us to present a meaningful layout as early as in the quotation stage and immediately start with the detailed planning. We use standard components to develop a customized cleaning solution for you.


High-quality design and manufacturing

Our manufacturing process is characterized by the highest precision levels in order to guarantee you long-term benefits from your cleaning plant:

  • Modern pipe installation technology using CNC bent and orbital welded stainless steel pipes
  • Own electrical plan incl. construction of the switch cabinet
  • Extensive quality controls and test runs of every machine before delivery
  • Fast and competent service by professionals

First-class components

When purchasing components, we place great emphasis on uncompromised quality and global availability in case of servicing. We therefore prefer purchasing products from European manufacturers and only work with competent partners.

Managing Directors

Left: Dipl.-Ing. Michael Höckh
Right: Dipl.-Kfm. Joachim Höckh