Exclusive service.

  • Expert advice on site
  • Cleaning tests at the technology center
  • Cleanliness tests
  • CAD simulation of special systems
  • Personnel training
  • Onsite process optimization
  • Repairs, modernization, renovation
  • Service hotline
  • Annual preventive maintenance
  • Global supply of spare parts

Technology center

The appropriate cleaning technology for your application depends on several factors: the parts to be cleaned, desired quality in relation to initial contamination, throughput, production environment, etc.

In a personal meeting with you, our specialists will perform an in-depth analysis of your entire process chain and help you find a solution that is qualitatively and economically ideal for your application.

We conduct comprehensive preliminary tests in our technology center. The “live tests” using contaminated components show you the quality of the MULTICLEAN systems, which are available in different series.

The cleaned parts are then packaged safely or taken to our laboratory for a purity test. We use the most-modern equipment in accordance with the VDA 19 / ISO 16232 specifications.

Maintenance / Repair service

Global supply of spare parts

Parts cleaning is often a bottleneck in many production lines. If the cleaning system malfunctions, the entire production line often has to stop. Our system service will always have your back in such cases. We only purchase standard components from leading European manufacturers. This ensures high product reliability as well as fast and easily available spare parts – worldwide.

Comprehensive service

We conduct main inspections on an annual basis as part of our maintenance contracts. We are also available for you 24/7 under our service hotline and also offer remote diagnostics.

Trainings for your team

Initial training of the operating/maintenance personnel

We extensively train your operating and maintenance personnel when commissioning the system.

Follow-up training

We also offer re-trainings when required e.g., in case of personnel changes.

Basic training

We gladly offer individualized basic trainings if you want to learn more about industrial parts cleaning, either on-site or at our technology center.

Program optimization

Our engineers gladly come to you and help optimize your cleaning program.

Process optimization

Our engineers help you analyze your entire process chain – on-site of course. Thanks to our extensive experience, we are able to develop tailored recommendations aimed at optimizing your entire cleaning environment.