Combined Cleaning

Aqueous and Solvent-based.

The complexity of modern manufacturing processes and the further development of high-performance lubricants, as well as other processing aids, force many cleaning processes to the limit of their capabilities.

More and more frequently, the process chains in
component manufacturing include multiple successive processing stages based on different lubricants, e.g. primary casting using oil followed by further processing with emulsions.

In these cases, pure solvent-based processes often
leave residual salt spots or other inorganic impurities, while purely aqueous processes are often uneconomical with high oil content or expensive drying processes.

The solution is a combination of both processes in one system: economical degreasing with solvents, intermediate aqueous cleaning to remove any stains, and a final solvent rinse with energy-efficient vacuum drying.

That is the MULTICLEAN DUO Process.


Size in use Baths Weight Throughput
600x400x300 mm
670x480x300 mm
2-3 max. 70 kg 2-3 batches/hr


Size in use Baths Weight Throughput
530x320x200 mm
600x400x300 mm
2-5 max. 80 kg 2-4 batches/hr


Size in use Baths Weight Throughput
670x480x300 mm
670x480x400 mm
2-5 max. 200 kg 2-4 batches/hr