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New in 2010: MULTICLEAN-P

Aqueous precision cleaning machine specifically designed for precision mechanic and medicine technology.

Starting in 2010 the MULTICLEAN-P line is available for the high-end cleaning of high-quality precision components in optical, electronic, precision machining or medical industries. These systems are build in all stainless steel and are characterized by their flexible, multi-stage cleaning, rinsing and drying processes inside a hermetically sealed process chamber. This eliminates interferences of the cleaning process, e.g. external contamination. The base model of the MULTICLEAN-P line is equipped with 3 media storage tanks and the system can be expanded to up to 6 wet operations. The complete process takes place inside a inclosed, electro-polished process chamber to meet highest expectations in the cleaning quality with the least space requirement. All process steps and values are freely programmable via the color GUI which also offers tracking ability. Depending on the application the process chambers of these systems can be equipped with drums for bulk-ware, standard basket carriers or part-specific carriers. The carrier attachment inside the process chamber can be tilted or rotated in either direction at freely programmable speeds.


Process Technology     

To accomplish multi-stage cleaning and rinsing of work pieces the MULTICLEAN-P models are equipped with multiple separately heated storage tanks. Each storage tank is connected to the process chamber with its individual, completely separate, pump/fine-filter circuit to minimize carry-over of medium. Cleaning takes place in the process chamber with the selectable processes of turbo washing, high-power ultrasonics, or spraying. Oscillating spray nozzles are available. For more complex cleaning tasks, e.g. in medicine technology, up to 6 wet operations from separate tanks can be installed. Drying of the work pieces can be accomplished via energy-saving vacuum drying (with maintenance-free, dry compressing vacuum pump), classic hot air drying or infrared radiation. Available options include various systems to maintain medium quality as well as miscellaneous sensors for process control. Loading/unloading systems are also available to fully automate parts movement.